B1A4, sports brand model handpicked subsequent ad march

B1A4, sports brand model handpicked 039; subsequent ad march 039; B1A4 has been appointed to the new face of global sports brand. Sports brand Philadelphia (FILA) revealed the 2nd and was appointed the B1A4 to 2015 back-to-school campaign exclusive model. Back to School is, every year new semester season centered on Philadelphia teen 20 Daibyo, consumer presents the trend of… Read more →

Centered on the health center from September to telemedicine model project start … Uihyopu rebound

September center in telemedicine model project start a health center from … Uihyopu is started from the end of the rebound telemedicine model project now at the center of the community health center. Opinion that natural changes associated with criticism of the technology development of the classification the attempt was to secure the people’s lives are antagonistic. Ministry of Health… Read more →

What would do the biggest reason to use the SNS

What would the biggest reason to use the SNS is? Order to friendship and the like 6 friends and acquaintances of the [CBS uncut News Lee wheat San appointment reporters] Social Networking Service (hereinafter SNS) users 10 people were found to use it. A result of job Korea employment portal site was investigated in the target portfolio SNS service well… Read more →

Compelling realistic improvements such as post-marketing surveillance product briefing

KRPIA, realistic improvement compelling pharmaceutical industry, such as post-marketing surveillance product briefing lecture Advisory associated with drug rebate twin punishment agent, realistic guidelines, such as product briefings is I pointed out the need. South Korea multinational pharmaceutical industry association (below KRPIA) is filed April 17, a written opinion for is legislation notice medical twin punishment part amendment Ordinance draft of… Read more →

Wanted to internship program participants the 22nd 2014

GSK, until the internship program participants 22, 2014 to speak English in such recruitment marketing sales management public relations foreign cooperation academic development department, work experience in the global pharmaceutical company

Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) is to target the domestic and foreign university students and graduates, it revealed 19, and to recruit participants in the ’19 term internship program to be carried out in this year’s summer vacation.

Unive Read more →

Medium San’oru hospital situation pursue, even know or bad tried to attract

[2014 national audit] medium San’oru hospital situation pursue, or tried to attract even know bad The 13th, Ministry of Health and Welfare 183 was held at the government Sejong building; in the national audit of disease management headquarters, medical corporation, the question about the disapproval of the expansion and China San’oru hospital of profit incidental business led to intensive. San’oru… Read more →

and be weather released might be a limb tick … spine abnormal signal

There is a particular collapse of the people might be the weather released some limbs tick … spine abnormal signal [Herald economy = gold Teyoru reporter] limbs. Symptoms winter of limbs cools is a natural phenomenon, immediately disappear if you care to keep warm. However, regardless of the season or the surrounding environment, the hands and feet may continue Shirigo numbness, can have other causes disease. Especially when accompanied by pain in the neck and back, because the neck disc and s Read more →

Four major insurance expensive long-term delinquent, restriction of property rights

4 large insurance expensive long-term delinquent, property rights restriction Health Insurance Corporation, establishments subject implementation of regional subscriber 1610 people corporation 556

Mr. A, 100 million 40 million won of the building, but owns the land 400 million 20 million won, it was in arrears to 42.6 million won of health pension premiums during the 57 months from 2009. Mr. A, has been revolving mortgagee registration of 49 million won for the current Tadashi Nanjo Read more →

and where the PT registered, only trainer love consultation … I is PT, I wonder decent

As a result of PT registration, only trainer love consultation … I is PT, the glance to sell to … general membership to education time of wonder decent PT members, excess of operating rude Gapujiru Chung’s company employee (27 F), when you try to start a full-fledged diet, was registered in the studio of the PT (personal training) last June,… Read more →